What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture involves the insertion of sterile, hair-thin needles at specific points on the body to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal. The needles help circulate qi and blood, as well as redistribute the body’s energetic resources. More…

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  • I’d like to thank Jann for the amazing effect her acupuncture and herbal medicine care has had on my quality of life!  I was a habitual allergy, sinus and headache medicine user for years. I was taking a daily dose of Allegra, along with Advil Cold and Sinus (when symptoms were worse) and Excedrin to relieve the severe headaches.  Not only was that bad for me, I was still getting excruciating headaches!  Under Jann’s combined acupuncture and herbal medicine care, I’ve eliminated Allegra and Advil Sinus completely (for more more than a year) – and rarely get even a dull headache.  I also believe my immune system is super boosted, as I’ve not been sick even while others around me are constantly battling colds and the flu.–Suzy

  • I have been in chronic pain for years from shoulder surgeries, and dealing with an anxiety disorder from birth.  My primary care physician prescribed me medications to help manage the pain and panic attacks, but I could tell my body was getting used to these substances and I wanted out.  Jann completed an assessment on me which enabled her to effectively treat both my chronic pain and anxiety, with great results in one treatment!  Her ability to pinpoint the trigger causing the issues is outstanding. As my treatment progressed with Jann, my blood pressure went back to normal, my body aches were minimized and my panic attacks were far and few between.  I have been able to cut out heavy doses of medication due to her treatment plan and am continuously feeling better each day.  Thank you Jann for all you have done for me!–Wes

  • I’ve been under Jann’s care for about three years.  I initially sought care for acute IBS episodes.  Jann’s acupuncture and moxa treatments proved to be extremely effective for relieving the severe stomach pain and for restoring energy.  Her focus is on treating the root cause of the IBS symptoms. Following her prescribed plan, I seldom experience IBS symptoms any more.  Along with acupuncture, Jann prescribes digestive herbs and traditional Chinese remedies that are nothing short of amazing in their effectiveness.  When other ailments have occurred, from muscle and joint pain to skin conditions, Jann has been able to help.  Her excellent recommendations for healing foods and de-stressing body movements are helpful enhancements to the acupuncture.  It’s easy to develop confidence in Jann through a pulse reading session.  She gains deep insight into the body’s strengths and weaknesses when examining the pulse and uses this knowledge in determining acupuncture treatment.  In follow up pulse readings, she is able to detect subtle changes in health and modify my treatment plan accordingly.  When I leave a session with Jann, I feel as though the body, mind, and soul have all been given attention and have been directed to work in harmony again.–C.A.

  • I had a great treatment! Loved Red Sage location and conveinece to Green Cove Springs. I was very relaxed and felt happy when I left. I will come back for another treatment.–GenBook Verified Reviewer – June 2014

  • I went with a lot of pain and found a soothing experience. The acupuncture itself was relaxing and she was very thorough with my history before the actual procedure. The next day I had relief and will make future appointments.–GenBook Verified Reviewer – June 2014

  • Red Sage Acupuncture was an pleasurable, eye opening experience. Jann amazed me with her knowledge and professionalism. My session was very relaxing and eye opening. I will definitely be back to continue my accupunture sessions. I highly reccomend Jann and her business to anyone! Red Sage is a wonderful addition to Riverside :-).–GenBook Verified Reviewer – June 2014