Who We Are

Red Sage Acupuncture has been serving the greater Jacksonville area since 2012. We currently have one acupuncture physician, with appointments available in the mornings, evenings and Saturdays.

Jann Turpin

Acupuncture Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

  • Licensed by the Florida Board of Acupuncture
  • Graduated 2011 with Master’s in Oriental Medicine from Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine
  • Graduated 1996 with Bachelor’s  in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Florida
  • Ongoing participation in advanced studies with world renowned Dr. Leon Hammer in the Shen-Hammer CCPD system and CDM/COM theories

Why did I choose acupuncture?
I always wanted to do something in healthcare. After spending 10 years as a software developer after college, I became acutely aware of how the modern stressors in everyday life significantly contribute to creating disease and mental health issues. Realizing that I needed to get back to my original ambitions in health care, I moved to Gainesville to embark on a 4-year Master’s degree education in Oriental Medicine at Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine.

The root of this desire to provide healthcare stems from an innate need to know how things work. From an engineering perspective, I was always fascinated with what makes people sick and what makes people healthy. Why does this person have a headache a few times a week at 4pm? Why do people have allergies? What are the underlying causes and, if left untreated, what are the consequences to one’s future health? I also intrinsically felt that people’s health issues should be managed without the side effects and limitations of pharmaceuticals and surgery. There are so many things that Western medicine simply cannot explain very well, such as chronic pain, night sweats, headaches and allergies. Generally accepted solutions to these issues are sometimes less than ideal.

In Oriental Medicine, I find that I can often determine why these things happen to people and how to better manage both the symptoms and the underlying causes. That process of healing people brings me joy and there is nothing else that I want to do more. Happiness and joy arise out of this alleviated suffering, both for patient and physician. The positivity created by better health spreads from one person to another and, slowly, the world is becoming a better place.